I didn't ask to get made. I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some monster.


at your crushes moms house



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Oh, Carmine…


THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED if you’re reblogging.


Dear Avengers and Iron Man movieverse fandom,

I’ve noticed there’s fanfic in which poor Rhodey has been demoted three whole ranks. Here are some facts that may prove helpful when writing:

1)  He is Lieutenant COLONEL James Rhodes. [IM3 promotes him to full-bird Colonel, so no longer a Lieutenant Colonel.]

2)  He is addressed as “Colonel” or “Lieutenant Colonel” in conversation.

3)  His pay grade is O-5. [Now O-6.]

4)  Lieutenant Colonel is ranked above a Major (O-4) and below a full-bird Colonel (O-6). [Now ranked above a Lieutenant Colonel (O-5) and below a Brigadier General (O-7).]

5)  Steve would salute Rhodey and Rhodey would return the salute, not the other way around. A Captain (O-3) is two ranks below a Lt Col. I’ve since been corrected. Since Steve’s no longer in the military, no saluting is required. [For folks who refuse to admit you can’t call him “Captain Rogers”, then you better goddamn have him saluting Rhodey.]

5a)  But Rhodey MAY salute Steve first, out of respect.

6)  Rhodey is NOT a Lieutenant, which is one of the two LOWEST commissioned officer ranks in the Air Force, 2nd LT (O-1) and 1st LT (O-2). [Thankfully I don’t really see this mistake any more.]

7)  His insignia is a silver oak leaf (or a black oak leaf if wearing desert cammo). [A SILVER EAGLE. Or black on desert cammo.]

8)  Based on his rank, he’s served approximately 16 to 22 years in the Air Force. [As of IM3, Rhodey has served ~22 years.]

9)  He was Air Force ROTC at MIT. (MIT is implied, since Tony talks about them going on Spring Break together.)


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Proof that art imitates life. He’s truly my hero. And I can’t thank him enough for being my Batman.

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RDJ Outtakes

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Tendo: Gipsy, Gipsy! You’re out of alignment! You are both out of alignment!
Raleigh: I’m okay. Just let me control it.

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url inspired graphics boykiing

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The Faithful: The Opening Act (x)

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Hawkeye by Phil Noto.

My commission request, CincyCon 2014. Gorgeous. As is usual with Phil Noto.

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Bottom Up Fall

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TEHERAN ▬ the first time Clint Barton heard about the Winter Soldier, was when he had gotten a mission to blow up a base full of A.I.M. agents. However, it turned out to be civilians inside, and when he realized his mistake, it was too late, because he wouldn’t be able to diffuse the bomb he had just set up, in time. The Winter Soldier had been there, but SHIELD had brushed it off. Because the Winter Soldier was just a myth, he didn’t actually exist.

DAY 1 of winterhawkweek: FIRST MEETING.



just saw this video about sexism and objectification of women in country music

Yo, even if you don’t like country music you need to seriously watch this video

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